Registration has closed, and we have a full camp this year! Thirty-five teens, between the ages of 12-18, will have the opportunity to experience the MAGIC that is Girls Rock Camp and have the best time of their lives this summer. 

As for GRL volunteers, we had over 80 people sign up, wowwwweee! We are so grateful to our community to help us pull off an entire week of chaos and rock n roll.

Our Mandatory Volunteer Training will be on June 7th to ensure all of our amazing volunteers know what to do, where to go, and have a solid understanding of the core guidelines that are the foundation of our camp. We will cover a broad range of topics including mental health response, self-care, anti-oppression, and intersectionality, along with our camp schedule and other important guidelines.

All of our volunteer duties have been fulfilled (YAY!). If you are interested in being involved, please consider signing up next year to help out at camp. You can also help us out by sharing our posts on social media, attending the camper showcase on July 1st, getting people hyped about our camp, and/or donating online! 

We can't wait to ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF for the 3rd year in a row, LFK!

<3 GRL

Hannah Novaria